CONNECT is the first of our four Core Discipleship Courses, which also doubles as our New Members class. In it we cover the basics of who we are here at Faith Covenant church, what we believe, and how we are structured to do God’s work. So essentially, How we CONNECT with God through a personal relationship with Christ, how we CONNECT with one another in the Body of Christ, the church and how we CONNECT with the world in witness and in service.

Grow Class

Have you finished the Connect class and wondered what’s next? GROW is our second Core Discipleship class, open to all who have completed Connect. In it we explore what it means to Grow as Christians by: Loving God with all our Heart (Devotional Life), all our Soul (Worship), all our mind (Christian Worldview), and all our strength and our Neighbor as ourselves (Ministry).

This is for any and all who have been through the CONNECT class. Folks who have begun GROW but were not able to complete all four sessions are also invited to make up missed sessions.

Serve Class

SERVE, the third of our four Core Discipleship Courses is scheduled periodically.

Please join us as we explore how we are gifted as God’s people and how we work together as the Body of Christ to SERVE “the church, the community and the world!”


GO! Class

GO into the world serving and loving as we have been loved.


Registration Information

To register, contact the church office by phone at 248.661.9191 or by email at


“Go and MAKE DISCIPLES of all nations.” (Matthew 28:19)

This was the very last commandment that Jesus gave his first disciples before he returned to heaven after his life of ministry here on earth, his death and his resurrection. At Faith we take DISCIPLESHIP seriously. Our walk as disciples is built around four Core Discipleship Courses and is enhanced all along the way with in-depth biblical and topical study opportunities on Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings. Most in our Faith family find small groups that meet regularly in homes to be an excellent venue for deepening their walk with Christ. Other age, gender or shared interest groups also add to the many options for growing stronger in Christ and with one another.

Discipleship is far from drudgery though. Jesus also promised “abundant life” (John 10:10). As disciples at Faith we also enjoy numerous fellowship opportunities and relaxed times together. On the other hand, love for God goes hand-in-hand with love for neighbors and service to those in need. The list of outreach and ministry opportunities in our local and regional communities and throughout the world is constantly growing.

So come with us and “grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!” (2 Peter 3:18)