March 2020

Toilet Paper
Canned Vegetables

Place your donations in the container in the Fellowship Hall.
All items donated benefit those in need.


Sometimes the scope of poverty is overwhelming.  Sometimes it’s easy to feel powerless, throw up our hands, and figure it’s an unsolvable problem.

But Jesus has words to His disciples when it comes to doing something small in the face of great need.  We’re not to throw up our hands.  We are to offer something…In the Gospels, Jesus instructs His disciples that if anyone gives so much as a cup of water to another in His name, that He will notice.

At Faith Covenant Church we are participating with a corporate effort to respond with a “cup of water.”

Each month, we will announce a different item to be collected.  You are asked to bring in your contributions and place them in the bin in the lobby.  They will be distributed through the C.A.R.E.S. program in Farmington Hills.

The idea is to work together to make a difference.  Maybe a child will go to school this year with a clean face.  Maybe a person will arrive at a job interview looking a bit more presentable.  Maybe a dad will teach his kids how to wipe their nose because for the first time there’s Kleenex in the house.  Perhaps there will be one more meal for a family to eat.

So each month there will be particular items that people can bring and place in our container in the lobby.  The idea is for each of us to do something, even if it’s seemingly small, to say that we are concerned about the poor in our area.

And remember, although these things aren’t “wet”, they will definitely be a cup of water offered in Jesus’ name.