Eternity is Now in Session Growth Groups

Most of us think of eternity as something that begins after we die.

However, Jesus doesn’t talk about eternity that way. In fact, Jesus defines ‘eternal life’ only once, with great precision, and in a way that has been largely lost in our day. This book looks at his riveting definition, and the questions that flow from it:

  • What if we stopped thinking about eternal life as something we can only experience after we die?
  • What if we stopped thinking of Christians as people who profess beliefs about God, and instead focused on becoming disciples who know
  • What if salvation isn’t mostly about getting you into heaven, but about get­ ting heaven into you?

It’s time to engage in a radical rediscovery of the Christian concept of salvation. Eternity is now in session.



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Why Join a Growth Group?

  • Grow in your faith
  • Make new friends!
  • Short-term commitment


What are Growth Groups?

Throughout the year, a variety of Growth Groups meet to pursue spiritual growth, service, Bible study, prayer, care, fun and fellowship together.

Topical Bible Groups

Meeting mostly on Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings, these groups are designed to help individuals grow towards maturity in their Christian life.  Recent topics include:

Old Testament Survey
New Testament Survey
How to Read and Study the Bible for Yourself
Crown Financials’ Biblical Study for Life
When God’s People Pray

Home Groups

New groups form three times a year:  September, February & June.  Some by gender, some by age, most mixed demographically – ALL are applying God’s word to today’s real world!

Special Interest Groups

A sampling of current opportunities include:

CEC – Conversational English Classes
Moms and Friends
First Place for Health
Saturday Floor Hockey

For more information on Growth Groups, contact Pastor Dennis Carlson by email or by phone at (248)661-9191 ext. 227.