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Summer Workshop for Gals 18 to 80

Dates:  Mondays, June 3 – August 19
Time:  7pm – 9pm
Location:  Faith Covenant Church
Facilitator:  Sheri Fornell
Advanced Registration Required:  contact Sheri at 734-536-7131 or

We are so good at caring for others’ needs. How about some self-care? Everyone in our lives benefits when we are personally healthy.


June 3 • RELATIONSHIPS – Where did it go wrong?
Meeting my needs in a healthy way while developing satisfying relationships.

June 17 • ADULTING – What’s in it for me?
Do I really need to grow up? What am I missing?

July 1 • HEALTHY ANGER – Is there such a thing?
Are you sure I can control this?  Do healthy responses really work?
How anger sabotages intimacy.

July 15 • STRESS MANAGEMENT – Tools and Tips
Reducing stress the boring way.,, and the enjoyable way!

July 22 • Bonus session – MMM…MAKEOVERS and MORE!

July 29 • DEALING WITH TRAUMA – We all have trauma!
What is PTSD? Can someone ever get over it?
Post Traumatic Growth – what a concept!

August 19 • BONUS SESSION – Fun night!

Questions?  contact Sheri Fornell