Relationships • Passion • Marriage

Whether your relational tank is running on fumes, the dating scene has hit cruise control, your love life is redlining, or you could just use a tune up, join us at Faith Covenant Church as we explore a radically different approach to relationships, passion, marriage that could lead to the ride of a lifetime!

Week 1 – Performance Parts – 2.23
Just like the right parts help you reach maximum performance in your vehicle, the right standards help us cultivate maximum performance in our relationships. Our culture says pursue the following in the following order Physical>>emotional>>relational>>spiritual. What if we did just the opposite? What if it was spiritual>relational>emotional>physical? And what if we pursued those four areas in a God honoring way.

Week 2 – Red Lining / Nitro – 3.1
Sex is powerful and has the potential to be an amazing gift or devastating force in our lives. When we do sex God’s way it can bless our lives and relationships now and in the future. When we do sex our way or our cultures way it will curse us both now and in the future.

Week 3 – Dashboard Warnings – 3.8
There are some dashboard lights or “idiot lights” in every relationship that should tell us that change needs to take place before we move forward or the relationship should end.

Week 4 – Blown Engine – 3.15
If you’ve sat here as a married person for the last 3 weeks and thought “I’ve in a relationship where we did all of this wrong and still are. I’ve married the wrong person!” Stop. You need to know there is hope.

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