Covid-19 Updates and Resources
Onsite & Online Services

We are excited to be able to worship with you both online and in-person at Faith Covenant Church. In-person worship tickets are available HERE for both the 9:40 am and 11:15 am services. We will also offer livestream of both worship services on this website HERE and on our Facebook page.

Change is hard. The changes we have encountered due to the COVID-19 pandemic are complicated. Most of us would prefer to be living in the pre-COVID-19 world. Unfortunately, we do not have that option.

Here at FCC, we are doing our best to accommodate our entire congregation’s needs. If we asked 100 congregants what the ideal live worship experience should be during this COVID-19 pandemic, we would likely receive 100 unique responses. We are not taking the most aggressive approach and we are not taking the most conservative approach to our In-person worship protocols. We are taking the best approach we can given the information we have today. Please bear with us and each other as we approach this experience with grace and love toward all.

You will find specific protocols that we ask everyone who attends in-person worship to follow HERE. Please understand these protocols are subject to change as the pandemic runs its course. Also, please understand there is risk in attending a public worship event despite the protocols we are putting in place. If you are uncomfortable with taking this risk, we completely understand. Please continue to worship online – we are committed to providing excellence with our online worship.

If you plan to attend live worship and are exhibiting any COVID-19 symptoms such as:

– having a high temperature
– coughing
– sore throat
– shortness of breath
– or you have recently been exposed to anyone with COVID-19, please worship online with us at home.

Please pray that our weekend’s live worship services go well. Please be in prayer for our leaders as we navigate the church through this crisis. Please let us all keep the focus on our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and follow His example of grace and love in all that we do.

November 18, 2020 Covid-19 Update

When we first responded to the pandemic and communicated with you as a congregation back in March, we never imagined we would still be responding to this pandemic in November – but here we are. This is a tough and difficult season – for everyone. Many of us are exhausted, scared, angry, annoyed, and more. Many of us are wrestling with the whole gamut of emotions all at the same time and all related to this pandemic, and we often find those emotions spilling over into other areas of our lives and relationships. This is all challenging. Really challenging. Yet through it all, our Lord remains sovereign. He is not exhausted. He is not scared. He is not angry. He is not annoyed. He is our rock and our Lord and our salvation.

As the number of positive cases of COVID-19 have risen dramatically lately, our Governor has issued tightened restrictions to once again attempt to flatten the curve. While we appreciate the desire to take into account people’s physical well-being, we are also working to take into account people’s emotional and spiritual well-being. In an effort to take into account the multiplicity of factors, our Executive Committee has determined that we need to take the following actions effective immediately:

  • Wednesday night and Sunday night youth and children activities will be 100% online effective immediately.
  • Adult small groups will have the option to meet at church or on Zoom at their discretion. (We are aware of 2 adult groups that typically meet on Wednesday night and they are choosing to meet online.)
  • Sunday morning in-person worship along with youth, children, and infant services will continue enabling congregants and their children to meet for worship at church or on Zoom at their discretion.

As always, this situation is fluid and dynamic and may change as the pandemic progresses. We will continue to communicate with the congregation as the situation evolves.

We are praying for all of you. And, once again, we appreciate your prayers and support as we continue to work toward advancing the mission of the church in a way that is safe and responsible during these times.