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City Covenant Church Hot Meal Program

City Covenant Church in Detroit currently serves to 150 hot meals per day in the community and nearby nursing homes. They partner with Forgotten Harvest, but have many other needs to supplement the meals.

Lynne Wasiak will be delivering donations to City Covenant Church on Tuesday, January 12, 2021.

– 3 compartment containers
– Full size Aluminum pans
– Chicken gravy
– Brown gravy
– Seasoned salt
– Milk that has shelf life (comes in cartons that don’t need to be refrigerated)
– Black pepper
– Rice – instant or regular white rice
– Mashed potatoes – instant
– Contractor bags
– Pine-sol
– Bleach
– Hand soap
– Dish soap (for handwashing, not for dishwasher)
– Plastic grocery bags (use 600 per week)

Cash to purchase meat is always helpful!

1. Sunday, January 10: Lynne will be at Faith accepting donations in between the services.
2. Order items online at Gordon Food Service at the Orchard Lake/13 Mile Farmington Hills store.
    • Click HERE
    • Create a HOME ORDERING account
    • LOCATION = Farmington Hills, Orchard Lake
    • CART NAME = Faith Covenant
    • PICK UP = January 12, 2:00 – 3:00pm (they give hour windows)
    • Minimum order = $30
    • Inform lynne.wasiak@4fcc.org that there is an order in your name for pick up
3. Porch Pickup:  contact Lynne and she can stop by your house to pick up your donations.
4. Give online directly to City Covenant HERE

Questions?  contact Lynne Wasiak

Thank you!


Jan 12 2021
City Covenant Church


City Covenant Church