Giving Hope & Purpose

At The Table is a microloan and mentoring program designed to give entrepreneurs in Brightmoor of Detroit opportunities for advancement that might not be available to them through more “traditional” lending institutions.  Faith Covenant Church of Farmington Hills and City Covenant Church of Brightmoor of Detroit are partnering together to make these opportunities achievable.

At The Table Partner, M3 Consulting

M3 partners with smaller churches to provide consulting in the areas of web design, videography, social media, livestreaming and more.  M3’s mission is to help these churches successfully navigate the digital world and leverage it for the advancement of the kingdom of God.

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Why are we doing this?

While biblical compassion comes with a call to feel deeply for others, it’s so much more than just an emotional response.  Biblical compassion also comes with a call to take action that will truly make a difference for good in the lives of those we feel deeply for.   As we consider the disparities that exist in communities like Brightmoor of Detroit and Farmington Hills, we have sensed a call to take action designed to change the livelihood and standard of living of a community, one family at a time.

What are we doing today?

Each entrepreneur who receives a loan will also be assisted in identifying areas in which they would benefit from business mentoring.  Mentoring will take place through general business workshops hosted quarterly by the At The Table team, and through one-on-one relationships between entrepreneurs who receive a loan and At The Table coaches.

Mentoring Startup Businesses

Our goal is to play a pivotal role in helping to launch startup businesses.  To date we have focused our efforts on businesses related to landscaping, snow removal, painting, home maintenance, light construction, cleaning, and catering.  Our goal is to help launch small businesses and then provide them with opportunities and mentoring that will help them grow, rather than launching larger businesses. 

The Process

Individuals who are interested in receiving a microloan and mentoring are invited to fill out a loan application.  After an application has been completed and submitted, the At The Table team:

1. Reviews the application to determine the viability of the proposed business.
2. Meets personally with promising entrepreneurs to further explore the viability of the proposed business and identify areas where mentoring would be beneficial.
3. Offers a loan and mentoring to qualified entrepreneurs.  After a loan has been made, an At The Table liaison remains in contact with the entrepreneur to monitor the progress of the business startup and mentoring.  As loans are paid back, the money is then used to fund future loans.

How do I get involved?

If you are interested in making a donation to help fund a microloan or if you have skills or experience that would enable you to mentor a young business owner, you can contact us at

You can give a tax deductible gift that will be used to fund a microloan at  Please make sure that you choose the “At The Table” option rather than the “General Fund” option.