Growth Group Content

Fall 2022 Overview 

Fall 2022 includes three distinct content sections; a September section, our fall churchwide,  and an Advent section.

Fall programming will begin on September 11. The fall churchwide will begin October 9. That gives groups that plan to begin meeting prior to the churchwide four weeks to gather together. The Fall Churchwide will be 6 weeks long and will wrap up the week of November 13. That should give you 4-5 weeks before Christmas for your group to do another series if it so chooses.

Below you will find our suggestions for how to utilize all three parts of the fall season.

Spring 2023 Overview

Spring 2023 includes four distinct content sections; a January section, the spring churchwide, an April section, and a May section.  The spring churchwide will start in the beginning of February, which gives you all of January to do a series. The church-wide is of variable length, depending on how your group wants to navigate it. After the churchwide wraps up, you should be able to do series in April and another in May. Below are our suggestions on what content to use during each section.

September 11 - October 8
September 11 - October 8


Theme: Book of the Bible/Community

Our Suggestion: Haggai (4 weeks; September 11th – October 8th) 

Haggai: Building God’s Church  

For groups that want to meet in September, this study on Haggai is a great way to get your group thinking about how they should be engaged in the mission of the church. It is four weeks long and if you meet every week starting the week of September 11th, it will take you right up to the start of the Fall Church Wide.  

An Alternate Option: Combine the ideas and studies below
(3-4 weeks; September 11th – October 8th)

This option is especially useful for groups that did not participate in any of our prayer content from Spring 2022. Using this option starting the week of September 11th will take you right up to the Fall Church Wide. You can edit and change this option however you would like. 

October 9 – November 13
October 9 – November 13

October – November

Fall Church Wide

Theme: Life Application

We will provide the content for all groups participating in the fall churchwide. Plan for 6 weeks (The week of October 9th – The week of November 13th). We will provide you with video content and discussion guides. 

November - December
November - December

November - December


For many groups, meeting regularly during this time is challenging because of busy holiday schedules. Because of that, we have given you a few different ways you try and keep your group together during this season. 

Our Suggestion: Meet 3-4 times together to help your group build deep relationships.

Try the following ideas:

  • First Meeting Option: Plan a fun event. Here are some ideas: Bowling, Karaoke, Escape Room, Board Games at someone’s house, etc. 
  • Second Meeting Option: Watch this sermon and spend some time praying together.
  • Third Meeting Option: Serve Together at the Church. There are a lot of ways to serve with the Advent Lights Campaign. Find one of those events and serve together. 
  • Fourth Meeting Option: Have a Christmas Party. Everyone brings a dish. Use one of our Christmas Party ideas we will distribute.  

An Alternate Option: Advent Series
(5 Weeks, The week of November 20 – The week of December 18

Advent by Derwin Gray

If your group has the time and is willing to meet through December, doing an Advent specific series is a great option. This helps your group think about the Advent season with a Christ centered focus. You can easily cut a week or two out of this series and still have it be a good experience.  

A Book to Read Together: Because of Bethlehem 

Because of Bethlehem by Max Lucado 

If your group likes reading books together, a good option for this season is Because of Bethlehem by Max Lucado. Groups can easily tackle 2-3 chapters a week. Additionally, there is an advent devotional guide in the back or the book that can easily be converted into a group discussion guide.  



Theme: Spiritual Formation

Our Suggestion: Redeem the Screen
(3 Weeks; The Week of January 8
th – The week of January 22nd)

Redeem the Screen by Kyle Idleman   

This 3 week series allows groups to talk about how to set the right boundaries with tech and use it for our good rather than for our demise. Don’t let the techy motif fool you, this is a great series for all ages.  

A Book to Read: The Common Rule (4-6 weeks) 

The Common Rule by Justin Earley  

This book forces us to think through how we order our lives so that Jesus is the one shaping us rather than the various influences we are bound to encounter in daily life. This book is not meant to express doctrinal truths, but rather, present practices that might be helpful as you navigate tech, media, work, and the other influences you encounter. You can read this book in 4-6 weeks depending on how quickly your group tackles it. Starting early in January will allow you to finish by the beginning of the Spring Church Wide.  

February - March
February - March

February - March

Spring Church Wide

Theme: Book of the Bible/Community and Relationships

Our hope is that all of our groups will participate in this churchwide. We have provided several different content options that will complement what we are learning on Sunday mornings. Please pick the one that works best with your group.  

A Simple Option: Discuss Sunday’s Sermons 

You can access study questions that accompany each of our Sunday morning sermons through the sermon notes button at Use those study questions with your group to discuss the sermon from Sunday morning. This is an easy way to create meaningful content and growth with your group.  

A Video Option: Jesus in all of Proverbs (5-11 weeks) 

Jesus in All of Proverbs by Spoken Gospel 

If your group prefers to discuss content that is different from what was presented on Sunday morning, this video series is a great option. You can watch 1-2 of the videos each week. We will provide a suggested study guide to go along with the videos.  

A Book Option: Proverbs for You (6-13 weeks) 

Proverbs For You by Kathleen Nielson   

If your group prefers reading a book and discussing it, this is a great option. This book is 13 chapters and not especially hard to read. You can either do two chapters a week and get through this in 6 weeks or do a chapter a week and use this book to take you through February, March, and April. It is a good look at what Proverbs teaches us about following Jesus.  

A Study Guide: Proverbs (8 Weeks) 

Proverbs: Real Wisdom for Real Life by Kathleen Nielson 

If your group prefers using a study guide to work through the Bible passages together, this is a great option. Plan for 8 weeks together. Your group will need to work through the questions prior to meeting together and then be prepared to discuss what they learned.  

This study guide is 8 sessions. 

A Super Deep Option: Proverbs (11 Weeks) 

Proverbs Bible Study by The Village Church 

If your group wants to go deep and is willing to do homework each week, this is a great study. This study is based on three pieces: personal study, video lesson, and small group discussion. Each member needs to work through the study guide and watch the video lesson prior to coming to their group. At the group meeting, they will talk about what they learned in their personal study. While this is a labor intensive option, participants will learn to study scripture on their own and will gain an especially comprehensive understanding of Proverbs. This option does have a higher cost, study guides are $20 per guide.  



Theme: Book of the Bible

April presents some scheduling difficulties. With Spring Break and Easter, April can be problematic for some. Because of this, we suggest doing a shorter series that you can make work for your group’s schedule.  

Our Suggestion: The Prodigal Son (3 Weeks) 

The Parable of the Prodigal Son by David Marvin 

This three-week series is an important series to remind us of the heart of our Christian faith. This is an important series for people of all maturities levels as we need to remind ourselves of the heart of God toward us and the call to love others that he gives us. You can  

A Book Option: Prodigal God (7 Weeks) 

Prodigal God by Tim Keller 

This book covers the story of the Good Samaritan and reminds us of the goodness of God toward the wayward and the self-righteous. It’s an excellent read to stimulate discussion in any group. This book would take you 7 weeks. Most likely this would take you through the end of May.  



Theme: Spiritual Formation

Our Suggestion: Get Out of Your Head (6 Weeks) 

Get Out of Your Head by Jennie Allen 

This 6 week study through the book of Philippians helps us think through the battle that is often our thought lives. Our thought lives and emotions impact every part of our life. This study helps us think through how we can use biblical principles to reshape our thought lives.  

A Book to Read: Live No Lies (6-8 weeks) 

Live No LIes by John Mark Comer

This book looks at the three biblical ideas that do battle with our souls; the devil, the flesh, and the world. It provides helpful ideas of how we can best fight those influences in our lives. It is a worthwhile read and one that should strike up some good conversations in your group.  

An Alternate Option: Be Still (5 Weeks) 

Be Still by Brian Heasley 

This series covers 5 different elements that can contribute to having regular quality time with God. This series is a great way to start conversations about helping your group have a regular quiet time.