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Finding Happiness

October 2021

If we all want to be happy then why is it that so few people truly are?  Maybe it’s because we’re looking for happiness in all the wrong places. Where can we find happiness?  This series explores what Biblical wisdom and modern science have to say to us about happiness and where we can find it.

The Presence of God

November 2021

Spending time with God is one of the key elements of our spiritual growth. But what does it actually mean to spend time with him? Join a group as we all discuss different content focused on how to experience God’s presence through scripture and prayer.

The Book of Esther

January 2022

Ever feel like you are the only Christian on the block? Then the book of Esther is an important read for you. Esther helps us see what it looks like to have faith in a faithless world. Whatever your circumstances, Esther helps teach us how to seek faithful living amidst challenging circumstances.

Conflict Management

March 2022

Most of us don’t like conflict, but it happens. Jesus knows this and he gives some great teaching on how we can take conflict and turn it into a chance for growth and witness. Join a group as we all discuss how to handle conflict the way Jesus teaches us to.

Upcoming Series

Esther: chaos, a queen, and THE Unseen King

How is a person supposed to navigate life and faith when God appears to be absent from their culture, and their circumstances, and even their own convictions? In times like those is there really any hope for redemption, or purpose, or the future? Join us at Faith Covenant Church as we find answers to these questions and more in the book of Esther – a story of chaos, a queen, and THE Unseen King.

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What to Expect When Joining a Growth Group


When selecting a group to join:

  • Look for the level of study versus relationship that fits your preferences.
  • Make sure the day, time and location work for you.
  • Click the “Ask to Join” button and the group leader will follow up with you to determine fit.


When attending a group you can expect:

  • Member introductions and some time for socialization.
  • Time spent in the current study which may include videos or bible reading and discussion.
  • Time spent in prayer for members.


The long-term goals of being in a group include:

  • Growing together as a community and supporting each other in life.
  • Growing in your relationship with Christ.
  • Growing in your desire to further connect, serve and grow.

What if the Group Isn’t a Fit?

Not every group is a good fit for every person. We get that. But we do ask that you try to meet with your group 5-6  times before deciding that the fit is not right for you. If it’s not a good fit, let your group leader and Pastor James know and we will work to help you find another group that will align better with your needs and personality.

You Have Access to a Streaming Library of 20,000+ Bible Studies!

Faith Covenant Church provides its congregation with access to RightNow Media—an online resource with bible study content for you to use at home or with your growth group. They have content ranging from deep biblical study to more topical sessions on everyday life. They even have content for Kids like Veggie Tales!

Even better, we’ve created a library just for FCC with recommended content that fits in with our Growth Journey for the year. Get Access and login to start utilizing this great resource!

Have Questions?

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