First Comes Love…

Do you remember the nursery rhyme? “First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes baby in the baby carriage.” If only a vibrant life when it comes to dating, love, marriage, and family were that simple. And yet as complicated as these areas of our lives can be God has blessed us with lifegiving wisdom for all of them. Join us as we explore what the Bible teaches us about what we can do to have healthy and lifegiving relationships.

Then Comes Baby

Week Five • February 5, 2023 • Kevin Butcher

Then Comes Marriage: Part 2

Week Four • January 29, 2023 • Mike Rice

Then Comes Marriage: Part 1

Week Three • January 22, 2023 • Mike Rice

First Comes Love

Week Two • January 15, 2023 • Mike Rice

_____ & _____

Week One • January 8, 2023 • Mike Rice