In This House, We Believe…

When it comes topics like God and humanity and morality and the afterlife and more, what is it that we believe?  And why is it that we believe what we do?  What are our beliefs based on?   Join us at Faith Covenant Church as we explore what the Bible teaches us about the most important topics in life, as those topics are highlighted for us in the Apostle’s Creed.

The Resurrection and the Life Everlasting

Week Ten • August 20, 2023 • Mike Rice

The Forgiveness of Sins

Week Nine • August 6, 2023 • Mike Rice

The Church

Week Eight • July 30, 2023 • Mike Rice

The Holy Ghost

Week Seven • July 23, 2023 • James Bryde

To Judge the Quick and the Dead

Week Six • July 16, 2023 • Mike Rice

Suffered, Crucified, Dead, Buried, Descended, and Rose Again

Week Five • July 9, 2023 • Laura Jackson

Conceived and Born

Week Four • July 2, 2023 • Mike Rice

The Father Almighty

Week Three • June 25, 2023 • Mike Rice

In God

Week Two • June 18, 2023 • James Bryde

I Believe

Week One • June 11, 2023 • Mike Rice