Life is Hard…It’s Harder When We’re Stupid

Life is hard enough all on its own, but it can become harder still when we do things that are “Stupid”.  But here’s some good news!  God wants to help us make wise decisions in life. That’s in part why God gave us the book of Proverbs – a book full of wisdom for navigating life well. So, join us as we explore the book of Proverbs and discover how to be better at life and how to have better lives.


Week Seven • April 2, 2023 • Laura Jackson


Week Six • March 26, 2023 • Semmeal Thomas


Week Five • March 19, 2023 • James Bryde


Week Four • March 12, 2023 • Mike Rice


Week Three • March 5, 2023 • Mike Rice


Week Two • February 26, 2023 • Mike Rice


Week One • February 19, 2023 • Mike Rice