The Old Testament is littered with “OMG Moments” – moments where one of God’s names is discovered, or proclaimed, or exclaimed. These moments are meant to do so much more than just provide us with another title for God. Instead, they reveal to us a facet of God’s character. And when God’s character is rightly understood it can serve as a refuge for the oppressed and a stronghold in times of trouble.

So, join us as we explore together God’s names and in doing so experience our own “OMG Moments”.

Yahweh Rophe - God Who Heals

Week Five • July 14, 2024 • Mike Rice

El Shaddai - God Almighty

Week Four • July 7, 2024 • Laura Jackson

El Kanna - Jealous God

Week Three • June 30, 2024 • James Bryde

El Elyon - God Most High

Week Two • June 23, 2024 • Mike Rice

Yahweh - The LORD

Week One • June 16, 2024 • Mike Rice