Pre-Decide: Better Choices, Better Life

“The quality of your decisions will determine the quality of your life.” And yet so many people struggle to make good decisions. But what if we could decide beforehand who we were going to be rather than trying to figure it out in the midst of critical moments? Join us at Faith Covenant Church beginning October 9 as we discover how to Pre-Decide in 6 critical areas of our lives.

This is a church-wide series.  Click HERE to view the Growth Group companion videos for each week’s message.


Week Six • January 1, 2023 • Mike Rice


Week Five • November 13, 2022 • Mike Rice


Week Four • November 6, 2022 • Mike Rice


Week Three • October 23, 2022 • Mike Rice


Week Two • October 16, 2022 • James Bryde


Week One • October 9, 2022 • Mike Rice