This Changes Everything

Have you ever had an experience, or been exposed to an idea, or interacted with a person and been changed as a result?  There are certain factors in life that by their very nature are life changing.  This is exactly how a relationship with God, as experienced in the gospel, is meant to work.  Join us as we explore the book of Titus and discover how the gospel changes everything.

Crucial Conversations

Week Six • February 25, 2024 • Mike RIce

3 Whys

Week Five • February 18, 2024 • Mike RIce

The Power of Self Control

Week Four • February 11, 2024 • James Bryde

Equal Opportunity Offender

Week Three • February 4, 2024 • James Bryde

Character and Competency

Week Two • January 28, 2024 • Mike Rice